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Simply start browsing! As we love to toot our own horn here (oh, we do), you should kick us off by jumping right in to the style that we deliver your favorite entertainment. Browse some movies and watch your browser come to life.


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Take it easy baby, take it as it comes – specialize in having fun!

Jim Morrison

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Welcome to Revolution eMedia’s Simple Activities hub – a stroke of brilliant simplicity. We think you’ve grown tired of the cluttered, over-linked same ol’ thing. Browse movies with big, eye popping images, quick pop-up videos in amazing quality. Find your next favorite video game by immersing yourself in the easy delivery of reviews and HD game play. Watch the time fly! Motivate, enlighten, or laugh your face off at some quotes.


This is a revolution of the way you interact with your everyday digital and video entertainment; experience the world again for the first time. Motivate, create and entertain!


Start browsing through the newest movies and video games with big, beautiful images and videos. Be careful though, we will consume your time!


Connect every piece of our entertainment with social media. Quickly and easily register and share your favorite movies, write a review on a video game, add a quote – share it all!.


Feel how we feel every day and motivate yourself with the simplest way to browse quote that will inject you with a shot of adrenalin. Summon your inner troll and create some really annoying memes!

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Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more code and at least some more twinkies. As a result we deliver a better web experience.


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